This presentation of several dozen works of architecture, chosen for their formal qualities, the context of their construction, and the values they carry, is a starting point for showing the varied, ever changing architectural landscape of the Małopolska region.

Another role of this guide is to encourage architectural tourism and to promote new destinations, which make the region well worth a visit.

We invite you to visit the Archimap.pl website regularly. We hope to lead towards the discovery of the real spaces; to begin a search for inspiration; to facilitate encounters with contemporary culture, and to offer unconventional ways of spending your leisure time.

Paweł Kraus is the author of the Archimap.pl concept: the guide to contemporary architecture in the Małopolska region. The project was carried out jointly with F.A.I.T. (Foundation Artists – Innovation – Theory).

F.A.I.T. (Foundation Artists – Innovation – Theory) was established in Kraków in 2005. Its main objectives include stimulating discussion on art and contemporary culture, bringing together creators and critics, and promoting Polish art in Poland and abroad. F.A.I.T. pursues these goals by looking for innovative methods to communicate and raise awareness of the problems of contemporary culture, and by searching for new ways of reaching its audiences. The Foundation implements interdisciplinary projects by artists working with a variety of media and experts in different disciplines of art.

Until 2012, the core activity of the Foundation was to run a contemporary art gallery in post-industrial interiors of the former cargo railway terminal at Kamienna street; since 2007, another exhibition venue was open at Karmelicka street; and since 2012, a project space was made available at Pijarska street in Kraków. In all three gallery spaces, the Foundation organised custom-made, conceptual exhibitions constructed around perceptions of the new media art, and showcasing the most current phenomena in contemporary art, also from abroad (Zurich, Frankfurt am Mein, Norwich in the UK). In addition, F.A.I.T. presented Polish arts abroad, participated in art fairs (Vienna, Stockholm, Cologne) and international festivals (Norwich, Hamburg).

The main objective of the Foundation’s current activity is to create a forum for collaboration between artists who usually work in different fields and separate disciplines of art. The new strategy includes production of feature films created by, or in extensive collaboration with, visual artists; making documentaries; as well as recording and presenting archival materials.

Paweł Kraus is the editor of the Archizoom.pl website, art historian and architectural critic. Between 2005–2008, he worked as the Editor of “Architektura & Biznes,” a nation-wide architectural monthly magazine. He published extensively on the subject of architecture and design.

This architectural guide project was implemented with a financial support from the Małopolska region, within the competition of offers in the field of tourism, titled “Małopolska Gościnna” (“The Hospitable Małopolska.”)