Cracovia Stadium

  • location: Kraków, ul. Kałuży 1
  • website:
  • outside sightseeing: yes
  • inside sightseeing: yes
  • outside photographing: yes
  • interior photographing: no
  • authors: Estudio Lamela
  • authors' website:
  • construction: 2010
  • authors of photos: Wojciech Kryński © Estudio Lamela

The particular location of the stadium – in town centre, nearby important cultural institutions (the National Museum), and at one of the key visual axes (from Błonia common to castle hill), was most significant for the shaping of its architecture.

In spite of it being a large object, the stadium does not dominate over its surroundings. This is thanks to the utmost reduction of the body of the building and the appropriate articulation of its elevations. In order to achieve the desired effect, the football field was lowered by more than a meter below the ground level. The stadium’s shorter walls, clad with sandstone, have a horizontal layout. They are preceded by spacious, brightly coloured plazas, which optically reduce the bulk of the structure even further. This is additionally enhanced by the pattern of the plazas’ flooring: stripes, parallel to the elevation. Reversely, the longer wall, over 150 meters on the side of Aleja Focha, has vertical divisions, reinforced with perpendicular flooring stripes.

By contrast with other buildings of a similar nature, the Cracovia stadium does not flaunt popular symbols, neither does it reveal its function. This ambiguous character, coupled with the elegant architectural style, makes it a valued addition to the architecture of Krakow’s centre.