Museum of Contemporary Art Kraków (MOCAK)

  • location: Kraków, ul. Lipowa 4
  • website:
  • outside sightseeing: yes
  • inside sightseeing: yes
  • outside photographing: yes
  • interior photographing: no
  • authors: Konsorcjum Claudio Nardi i Leonardo Maria Proli
  • authors' website:
  • construction: 2010
  • authors of photos: Rafał Sosin

MOCAK is yet another cultural institution in the post-industrial district of Zabłocie, within the compound of the former Oskar Schindler enamelware factory. Steven Spielberg tells the story of the place in his 1993 movie “Schindler’s List.”

Italian architects adapted the production halls at the back of the former office buildings of the plant (today the Schindler’s Factory branch of the Kraków City Historical Museum). They added further rows of halls, repeating the characteristic lines of the saw-tooth roof (which is also the motif in the Museum’s logo). The newly created spaces in the ground floor and basement came to house the white cube exposition rooms. Museum’s architecture balances the past with the contemporary. It finds an excellent fit in its heterogeneous, post-industrial surroundings. The materials and colours used – concrete slabs, glass, the shades of white and grey – correspond to the spirit of the place, while defining the building’s hallmark. The elements are cemented with the rational, Italian architectural craftsmanship.