Museum of the Home Army

  • location: Kraków, ul. Wita Stwosza 12
  • website:
  • outside sightseeing: yes
  • inside sightseeing: yes
  • outside photographing: yes
  • interior photographing: no
  • authors: AIR Jurkowscy-Architekci
  • construction: 2011
  • authors of photos: Piotr Piątek, Wojtek Dziedzic

Authors of the building adaptation for the needs of the Home Army Museum had their task made simpler for two reasons. The 1911 building used to belong to the compound of military barracks and warehouses within the Kraków Fortress during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Understandably, the original function provided an apt context for the exhibition of the museum militaria. Likewise, the form of the centennial plus building served as an interesting background for the contemporary architectural intervention.

Brick elevations were renovated, their original features brought out. The keynote change was the remodelling of the inner courtyard. The latter was covered with a glass roof, and the elevations were opened at ground floor level. As a result, the former drill court turned into an impressive multifunctional space connected with exhibition rooms. Adding contemporary elements – concrete, glass, and porphyry – only reinforced the austere character of the brick and concrete interiors. A surviving fragment of wall insulation in the cellar is a noteworthy detail: made of 10-centimeter thick cork infused with adhesive, it is intended as safeguard against explosions.

The permanent multimedia exhibition on the history of the Home Army was developed by Deko-bau company.