The Onyx Nook residential compound

  • location: Kraków, ul. Pylna / ul. Królowej Jadwigi
  • outside sightseeing: no
  • inside sightseeing: no
  • outside photographing: no
  • interior photographing: no
  • authors: Biuro Projektów i Rozwoju Buma Building Systems
  • authors' website:
  • construction: 2008
  • authors of photos: (C) Grupa Buma

The mini residential compound consisting of four semi-detached houses is located in Wola Justowska – a luxury area of the city, consisting mostly of single-family dwellings. Alas, the uniqueness of this part of Kraków derives chiefly from the prices of land, whereas the architectural value of buildings leaves much to be desired. The Onyx Nook (Zaułek Onyx) is an exception to the rule. The popular pitched roof was simplified and unified, while the elevations were cladded with laminated granite slabs. Local colour (quite literally so) is introduced in the finishing of entrance doors. There is another defining feature to the architecture of the compound. The houses are prefabricated modular spatial entities – each a steel structure with expanded clay aggregate concrete, built using the copyrighted Free-Dom Buma Building Systems.